Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Our Babies are Growing Fast

Our babies are growing very fast. Honey Mouse's two babies are now eight days old and Black Mouse's are now fourteen days.

Nutmeg's babies are now two days old and are growing equally as well.

Our 2009 Breeding Program (Nutmeg's babies were the last of the 2008 breeding program) is opening up and our plans are being finalised. Our new rats have cleared quarantine and have entered the program for this year. This year will be incredibly exciting as we have introduced Dumbo rats finally into the program. These newcomers are our new males - Ubuntu (DUMBO Pink Eyed White) Charlie (DUMBO Siamese) and we are yet to name our other two new boys aside from their breeder prefix. They are (Top Eared) New Boy One (Pink Eyed White) and New Boy Two (Agouti Berkshire). WE ALSO HAVE A NEW GIRL!!!! She will be breeding this year, she has come to us already pregnant, so she will mate again later this year. Her name is Ginger (Pink Eye Cream Hooded).

Pictures of our bucks and does will follow shortly, as well as definitive plans and breeding dates. We have four pregnant females plus Nutmeg's young litter to consider as for now, but we should begin the first mating later on this month.

Pictures of our babies will follow also.

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