Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Strange 24 Hours...

What a strange twenty four hours! Last night at 8pm, David was called into work as they had a massive server failure so I was left in the lurch! He said he'd be about two hours, so I put Interview with the Vampire on to watch. He rang me to say he was going to be longer so I put Queen of the Damned on straight after. At midnight he rang again to say he would be longer still and that all hands were now on deck to try to fix the issue.

At four this morning he was still not home and he called me at six to tell me the server was still down. It was a major issue and affected a lot of major customers so it needed to be fixed. I rang him at three this afternoon and he was getting there with fixing it, and he finally came home at five pm. The poor guy had been up for 33 hours and had spent 31 of those trying to fix the same server. I cooked him scrambled egg on toast with sausage, mushrooms and fried bread. We settled down to watch The Matrix, and he fell asleep through it so I sent to bed at 9:30pm.

It is strange really, I have been alone all this time and will be until he gets home tomorrow night. I'm passed the mopping stage and I'm now comfortable with my company.

I'm one of those sorts of people who like their own company.

I noticed today that Black Mouse's babies have thier eyes open. They are fifteen days old. Honey Mouse's babies have their colour in - one is cream and the other cream and white.

Nutmeg's huge ratty babies are getting their colours. Four of them will be hooded, at least one of which will be black hooded. Two will be capped and the other either light in colour or white. All are healthy.

I will post pictures when I have charged the camera.

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