Sunday, 11 January 2009

Pet Rats Avaliable Soon

A very happy 2009 to all who see and read this blog, both now and in the future please feel free to comment and email as well.

To start with, to everyone in the Wolverhampton and surrounding areas of the West Midlands, pet rats will soon be avaliable. My doe, Nutmeg, is heavily pregnant and we noticed today her vaginal plug had broken down, so it was to the birthing tank for her and we should have babies within around 48 hours or so. The babies, if all goes well, will be avaliable 6 weeks from now so please keep checking here for regular pictures and updates.

Here's a couple of pictures of Nutmeg taken this afternoon, heavily pregnant:

This gorgeous ratty should be popping her babies out incredibly soon. Nutmeg is a Cream Hooded X Siamese and so is the father.

We also have Cinnamon who will be giving birth this month also, she is a Silver Fawn Berkshire. Suse is also expecting any day now, she is black and white Hooded.

Please feel free to email me about this little lot of happy ratties. Please keep a look out for more ratty posts.

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